Friday, 3 February 2017

Love your Vegetables!

Can't decide what to eat?

Make yourself some rice,
while that is cooking, chop up all the vegetables in your fridge that look appetising or might go bad soon. Stick that stuff in a bowl.
Grab a can of tuna (or salmon) or cook some fish/chicken breast/veggie option, and stick that in the bowl.
Do you have avocado or guacamole?
Goat cheese? Regular cheese?
Put all that with the cooked rice and stir it up!
Favourite sauce? Go for it!

My absolute favourite rice bowl to make at home is brown rice, avocado, balsamic vinegar, goat cheese with cucumber and tomato. maybe chicken or turkey breast. I may have slightly altered my favourite Freshii dish.

Trust me, rice bowls are so flipping easy, and once you start chopping vegetables it's not hard to finish. MORE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES! VEGETABLES EVERY DAY! VEGETABLES IN THEIR NATURAL STATE!
Fruit in the morning,
Vegetables during the day,
Meat occasionally .

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